East Point / Fortescue { 7 images } Created 11 Jun 2018

There are no lifeguards, no boardwalks, no tram cars. No toll booths, no backed up traffic, hardly even a gas station.
You won't find a hotel, motel, or a B&B. It's not even close to looking like the Jersey Shore that you saw on MTV.

And that's just the way the folks who live here want to keep it.

There's a stretch of "shore", bay actually, from somewhere near Cape May that winds it's way to Salem, NJ that is unlike any other part of the shore ( Did you know Delaware owns land in NJ ? More on that later.)
This part of the shore is raw, stunningly desolate and hauntingly beautiful. It's home to the East Point Lighthouse and the charming town of Fortescue ( pictured here ). It's a reminder of what the east coast shore SHOULD have looked like before massive development set in.

And yes Delaware owns a tract of land in New Jersey called the Killcohook Wildlife Refuge. And it's literally a thorn in NJ's side...because they cannot enforce NJ law on the land. So if anything happens...and it has...NJ has to wait for the Delaware authorities to react.

It's not to late to visit this part of “the shore” though ....
before it becomes "discovered".
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